2018 World Flora Exposition
An ecological approach to Huludun river


Project: Huludun River Ecological Retrofit
Location: Fengyuan, Taiwan
Size: 0.2 square Km (1.8Km Long, 80-180m Wide)
Details: Full design service for 2018 World Flora Exposition area 5, Huludun Fengyuan Park site, Taichung. Landscape Infrastructure strategy to provide an integrated design to transform the existing concrete channel into an ecological river banks using green infrastructure and LID; a 20,700 m3 water feature to serve as a detention pond during storm event and a recreational lake for canoeing and kayaking. The project will function as a demonstrative site for future urban riverfront Low Impact Development while serving the city as its backyard urban lounge. Design service also include the reuse of cargoes as storage and shower facility to facilitate the kayaking training for local Olympic teams.
Client: Hydraulic Bureau, Taichung city government / G.T. International
Scope: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Document, Construction Observation and Design Control
Status: Complete