Blue Belt Flora Expo

G&D won the competition to design a 1.8Km (1.125 miles) long urban river for flora expo Fengyuan site. Partner up with Herrera Environmental Consultants,  Originator Lighting Design Consultant and GT International, project team will bring LID approach to redesign Huludun River, which is the main irrigation river for metropolitan Taichung area.  


From Rail to Trail

G&D won the competition to design a 21.7Km (13.5 miles) long rail road space. With the elevated rail to be built by the end of 2016, this existing rail corridor will become a green breezing corridor for the city of Taichung. The project team includes ipv Delft (bridge design consultant), minimax (environmental signage consultant), King-Le Chang & Associates (structural engineering consultant), Herrera Environmental Consultants (ecology consultant), Originator Lighting Design Consultant, and GT International (project prime and hydraulic consultant).


The expansion with new office in Asia

American G&D Group is delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Taichung, Taiwan.  Office is located at 285, Section 2, Taiwan Boulevard, 20th Floor. 2 BRT stops away from Taichung City Hall.